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How Does the Opportunity Assessment Process Lead to Results?
Our proven new product or new market exploration proceeds along a multi-step, multi-checkpoint process where "go" and "no/go" decisions are exercised as we develop an increasingly-refined understanding of the opportunity.

Phase 1: Situational Analysis

We facilitate group meetings, conduct independent research, and document a detailed overview of what is already known about the markets and business environment from existing competitors, customers, and industry stakeholders. We capture broad issues, opinions, studies, and benchmarks related to the industry in general and the targeted opportunity in particular.

Phase 2: Economic Feasibility

Building from group feedback to the situation analysis, we prioritize the most promising market segments. The second phase will not only gauge market opportunity in specific areas but also more clearly document all assets / resources, financial realities, and potential constraints of the opportunity.

Phase 3: Business Plan

Focusing on our most promising oppportunity, this phase delivers a database-driven business and financial plan. This plan is suitable for operational and headcount planning, "what if" analysis, budget development, and venture funding presentations.

Phase 4: Shopping for Investment

We assist in seeking outside funding for new ventures as well as launching business operations. These tasks may include coaching those who will meet with investors, setting meeting agendas, creating funding opportunities, preparing presentation materials and negotiation positions, and refining financials.

For marketing plans and business development activities, we expand our team as required to include creative staff for online, video, or print-based campaign execution, direct marketing programs, field sales teams, or product design and manufacturing resources. We pride ourselves in long-term client relationships built on trust and proven performance. From product launch to volume sales, we remain as partners to assist in successful operations that lead to results.

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